Travel Around With Us

I haven't blogged in a long time but am hoping to get busy on this site with lots of pictures of all the places we explore while out on day trips, weekend trips and vacations.  We travel around on our motorcycle, in our jeep and with the motor home. We also love trains, airplanes and... Continue Reading →

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Growing family

Our family is growing as we have added a dog to our mix. We started looking about a year ago and after meeting several that just didn't work for one reason or another we were asked to consider fostering by the rescue we had been working with. We both knew we would be horrible at... Continue Reading →

First 2018 Day Trip

Last weekend we headed out to the woods, just a day to escape and get dirty… no cell service and lots of puddles.. even some snow.  Turned out to be a great reminder for us to be prepared.  We had moved the “box” into the new truck and didn’t have anything extra in the jeep... Continue Reading →

Weekend Rides on the New Bike

This weekend we had amazing weather, in fact the weather has been pretty great for awhile now.  Winter is coming .... the leaves are changing colors and falling onto the road and the spiders webs are glistening in the morning dew. Perfect weather for getting out there and riding. Lucky for us we have a... Continue Reading →

North East Caching ~ Trip 2

Our second trip out for the Washington state park caches headed us to the north east corner Lincoln Rock Had a late start on Friday, made it here just in time to set up the tent and then do some csi caching (in the dark with our flash lights) was able to grab this one... Continue Reading →

Evening Caching ~ Trip 5

These caches were pretty close to home so we took two nights after work and ran after these.. thankfully it was summer with lots of day light as we managed to push the clock on these  (as we did on all the caching adventures this summer) First we headed over to Whidbey Island to grab... Continue Reading →

Center of the State ~ Trip 7

In our trips over the mountains we managed to run out of time and miss a few caches.. we did manage to arrange them so that we could head back over and easily (and not so easily)  grab them in one weekend.   7-26-13 to 7-28-13 Got our swag ready to leave in the caches... Continue Reading →

Saturday Caching ~ Trip 8

This one gets its own post.  We had a bike ride this morning with the Harley group .. rode from Skagit to the Canadain border.. with some friends, had lunch and rode back to Skagit.  Brought the bike home and traded leathers for hiking boots I like this picture... we are in USA and the... Continue Reading →

Sunday Caching ~ Trip 9

Up early and out the door.... we have about 7 caches we want to grab today and maybe a visit with my sister in there. Squak Mountain  Great trails in here.. was a fun cache to grab.  Wish we had printed out the trail map or at least had a good look at it before... Continue Reading →

Caching After Work ~ Trip 10

Forks in the Sky    This is in Index and to be honest last time I was up in this area it was a little scary. They have really been working on cleaning this town up in the last few years.   We parked and headed out on the trail... you cross some train tracks... and... Continue Reading →

Last Trip ~ 12

Hoping to get to 100 today, though when we are getting ready to head out the door we notice that one cache that has had nothing but issues and has been disabled the last 3 times we tried to go this way... is once again disabled 😦  We will see what happens. Dash Point quick easy... Continue Reading →

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